ZENEC online end user support Netiquette

Policies and Terms of Use for users of the online support ticket web interface.

Please respect, that behind the online support ticket web interface, human beings are in charge of processing questions. Human beings usually like to be treated in a friendly way.

  • Online end user support by the distributor of product happens on a voluntary basis. The basic product support shall always be provided by the authorized retailer, where product has been, or can be purchased. The online support conducted by the distributor is only a supplementary measure to the basic services of the retailers selling the product.
  • The guidelines listed in this context apply to end consumers creating support tickets, treated by the ZENEC online support staff, for the purpose of resolving technical product issues.
  • New tickets will get processed on weekdays only, sorted by sequence of arrival. During peak periods (for example after the weekend) it can take up to 48 hours for a reply to be issued.
  • The support is dedicated to provide answers on ZENEC products only, where a request with a clear technical background or question on a device function must be given.
  • Status of questions answered in a “sufficient way” by the online support staff (decision through ZENEC) can be set to "closed".
  • Users can open a maximum of three simultaneous support threads for a given device model.
  • The ZENEC online support staff is responsible for providing technical support information only. The support staff will try to provide technically sensible answers on product related problems. The staff cannot be challenged to provide legal or financial arbitrage on product and consequential transactions or decisions (for example if repair work is free of charge or not). For this purpose, the unit in question must be sent in to the service department.
  • A software error is ("software bug") unless it affects a main device function, not and never a reduction of the scope of works of the product itself.
  • Any software improvement work is based on best-effort approaches, without the possibility to provide duration estimates, how long it will take until the SW error is finally cured.
  • Inquiries with offensive content will be deleted automatically without further comment.