Unfortunately the service and support for the is expired. The end of production of this device, is 6 years or more. Unfortunately, you can not open a Ticket for this device anymore. Also no more repairs are possible due to lack of spare parts.

Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately the support for the is expired. Unfortunately, you can not open a Ticket for this device anymore. But you can send this device through an authorized dealer to our service and let generated a cost estimate.

Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the TFT brightness adjustment and the day/night HMI switching work?
Last Updated 4 years ago

The device features three different options to control the screen brightness. In the setup menu under Video / Picture on the second page, you will find the following settings: Brightness > Navi / Car
Choose "Navi", to allow the GPS system to set brightness automatically via day / night signal of the GPS system.

Select "Car" to regulate the brightness by CAN bus based vehicle data. Note that if the CAR function is selected, TFT screen and button illumination brightness are synchronized with the instrument cluster brightness.

Note that GPS controlled day / night switching requires approximately 20 seconds of data retrieval and adjustment after device is switched on, because the function requires internal processing of satellite time signal.

In the navigation: day / night switching of the user interface (HMI): Ex works the day / night (GPS) signal brightness adjustment is active. However, this can be set manually or deactivated is desired.
If the GPS signal controlled switching is not desired, it can be deactivated under the map settings of the navigation software (NAV> More> Settings> Map settings> Color> Day / Night / Auto).

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