Unfortunately the service and support for the is expired. The end of production of this device, is 6 years or more. Unfortunately, you can not open a Ticket for this device anymore. Also no more repairs are possible due to lack of spare parts.

Thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately the support for the is expired. Unfortunately, you can not open a Ticket for this device anymore. But you can send this device through an authorized dealer to our service and let generated a cost estimate.

Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. When connecting my iPhone to the Z-E2026 I can hear annoying audio dropouts
  2. On the first power-on and if the ZENEC device was separated from power, I cannot find a radio station?
  3. Why does the Z-E2026 device reboot, when I start the engine of my car?
  4. Do I need an adaptor or interface to connect the two antenna leads of the vehicle to the Z-E2026?
  5. Sweeping and scrolling on the touch screen or confirming a selection feels a bit coarse. Is something broken?
  6. The USB memory stick is not recognized by the device, even after successful reformatting. What’s wrong?
  7. The Media button always jumps to the A2DP function?
  8. Ex works, there are two different main connectors for MIB(-PQ) verhicles. Do I need an adapter?
  9. My Z-E2026 does not show any A/C status info. Is my device defective?
  10. The advertisement describes some sort of vehicle personalization. What is this?
  11. In my car the factory radio was equipped with DAB. Can I continue to use this antenna further?
  12. Is the Z-E2026 compatible with the VW OE sound systems?
  13. Can I use the SD card reader on the device front for music playback or video files?
  14. Is it possible to continue using the OE mounted AUX port?
  15. Is the OE installed GPS antenna compatible with the Z-E2026 device?
  16. Is it possible to connect or continue using OE installed Bluetooth hands-free module with the Z-E2026?
  17. Can I sort the radio stations in the station list in alphabetical order?
  18. My Z-E2026 starts booting when I unlock the centralized door locking. How can I change this?
  19. Do I need to adjust the “Antenna Supply” setting in the setup menu?
  20. What's with the ALT button on the Z-E2026?
  21. Welche Voraussetzungen müssen erfüllt sein, damit der Z-E2026 eingebaut werden kann?
  22. When I want to listen to DAB radio stations all I hear is noise, but no sound. What can I do?
  23. How does the integration of the Z-E2026 device works with an OE multi function steering wheel?
  24. How does the TFT brightness adjustment and the day/night HMI switching work?
  25. How can I adjust the volume of the navigation announcement
  26. How do I access the Equalizer function?
  27. How many smart phone devices can be paired?
  28. How exactly does the Z-E2026 support the MFA+ multifunction driver info display?
  29. Why do I need software updates and where do I find them?

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